We know that some stress is good for us, causing us to take actions when needed. Life events can overtake us and are often outside of our influence or power. How we relate to those events is crucial in the resultant pressures than can build up and result in a state called “over-stress” where stress then becomes an on-going problem. This can be extremely destructive and not just for the person experiencing it. Relationships suffer. Health suffers. Work suffers. You suffer.

The only way to get to grips with stress is to unravel the root cause and this is where we at Enclave work with the whole person rather than just aiming to reduce the symptoms, which it will. Understanding our own stress triggers can go a long way to working with them – and finding new ways to approach life’s challenges.

At Enclave Counselling Services, we are able to work with you to understand your own stress triggers, to work through them and find ways to manage stress in the future.

We also offer a short course in “Mindfulness for Beginners” – a proven way to reduce anxiety and stress and where you will learn techniques to become more mindful in your everyday life.

Relaxation is another way to calm your body and mind and again, we offer relaxation sessions where you will learn breathing techniques to aid calm within as well as a progressive body muscular relaxation which promotes health and well-being.