About us...

At Enclave we work with a variety of emotional distress, such as:

If you are experiencing such difficulties, then counselling may be helpful to you. At Enclave Counselling, we provide a safe, confidential and non-judgemental environment (or enclave) where you can explore your difficulties. Gaining insight into underlying conflicts can bring enormous relief and greater insight from where change can happen. We are empathic, respectful counsellors who value the uniqueness of each individual and you will be treated with respect and dignity.


We are Registered members of our professional association, The British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy, whose ethical principles and values we strive to uphold and which underpins our work, enabling us to provide a safe and professional practice.

We receive regular Supervision of our work in accordance with the BACP's Ethical Framework to ensure that our professional standards are maintained.

BACP (British Association for Counselling & Pyschotherapy).

Qualifications & Training

We are educated to Degree standard and regularly enhance our skills through attending a variety of professional development opportunities.


Our counselling experience covers both short and long-term work, with a minimum of six sessions being offered. We have experience working within an NHS Dynamic Psychotherapy Unit; within the public and voluntary sectors and a private practice where we cover a wide range of emotional issues.

Who are we?

Enclave Counselling Services was formed by Nikki Pike and Iris Tinto and grew out of a passion for making a difference, knowing that real change is possible and that relationships can change. Coming from our backgrounds of working with adults with moderate to severe long-term mental health problems, we could see that relationships are key to good functioning and the earlier the work starts, the more effective it can be ... rather like a pebble in a pond, good relationships and self-esteem ripple out to those around and can make a difference.

Iris says...

        My background is in mental health where I work closely with individuals both in one-to-one and group work opportunities to relieve emotional distress and suffering and to promote growth and recovery. I am a Mindful Practitioner and teach Mindfulness skills to a wide range of individuals from young parents; staff in schools; within mental health and the general population.

Nikki says ...

         I have worked for many years for Marie Curie and in the NHS as a specialist palliative care nurse delivering symptom management and psychological support to patients and families adjusting to life limiting illness, loss and complex family dynamics.